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We are dedicated to providing you with personalized Ayurvedic care to enhance your well-being. Scheduling an appointment with our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners is simple and convenient through our online booking system.

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About Us

"Discover Our Ayurvedic Heritage: Learn about Home of Ayurveda, our mission, values, and commitment to holistic well-being."

Where Healing Converges with Well-Being.

"We invite you to experience body, mind, and soul detoxification and rejuvenation, where you can feel the refreshing breeze beside Kerala's tranquil waters."

  • We assure a serene and aesthetic ambiance that helps our patients in a healing process while treating them.
  • We are meant for patients with ailments or those looking for ayurvedic wellness therapies.
  • We here provide a wide range of therapies, whether it is for curative purposes, weight loss, rejuvenation, or maintaining your looks.

Diets are customrused according to the treatment reignment of each patient and fresh vegetarian food is the norm here. We Provide treatment for infertility and other related ailments in harmony with ayurvedic care. Wide range of treatment factifies under ophthalmological care.


Consultation with Doctor

15 minutes

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Ayurvedic Massage for Men

1 hour

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1 hour

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Ayurvedic Kizhi

1 hour

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Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage

1 hour

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Web/Online Consultation with the Doctor

1 hour

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Ayurvedic Massage for Women

1 hour

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Home made Ayurvedic Medicines Pickup

15 minutes

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Treatment Packages for In Patient/Visitor(s)

The Home of Ayurveda Offers In Patient Treatment Packages with following facilities

Medicated Room

Therapeutic ambiance for healing and relaxation with specialized amenities.

Organic Food

Nourishing meals sourced naturally for your health and well-being.

In Resident - 24*7 Doctor

Round-the-clock medical care with an on-site doctor for residents' well-being.

Quality Medicines

Top-notch pharmaceuticals to ensure your health and well-being.

Friendly & Trusted Staff

Approachable and reliable team dedicated to your comfort and trust.

Accessible Rooms

Conveniently designed accommodations for ease of use and comfort.

Car Parking

Ample on-site parking for your convenience and peace of mind.

Laundry Services

Efficient laundry solutions for your garments and linens, keeping them fresh.

Oncall Experienced Driver

Experienced driver on call for your transportation needs anytime, anywhere.

Arrange Pick-up

Convenient pick-up service available to facilitate your transportation needs.

10 Days Healing

Addressing Pains and Starting Recovery

It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient's natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.

21 Days Healing

Natural Healing

This includes using natural medicines and a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. After a single session, you'll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels.

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We are dedicated to providing you with personalized Ayurvedic care to enhance your well-being. Scheduling an appointment with our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners is simple and convenient through our online booking system.


Discover Healing Stories: Real Experiences, Real Results. Explore our testimonials to see how Home of Ayurveda has transformed lives through the power of Ayurveda."

Great In Patient facilities with great care, homely food. I had sent my parents for old age related treatment and they really had a great experience and improved their health overall. Recommend this place highly.

Pradeep N

I was admitted due to severe backpain and sciatica pain. Doctor Jithu is an amazing doctor and his treatment proved to be really effective. Exellent facilties and homely care are just a few highlights. Nestled in a very peaceful area. It provides a really calm and nurturing enviornment for patients.

Suresh B

The place is excellent, my dad and mom have been treated by the Doctor for old age issues and have had great relief and results with the treatment provided by the doctor.

Jayan K

A highly recommended place for Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation therapies. Dr. Sreejith and his team are exceptional in Ayurvedic healing. Also, the care and cure is superb. Staffs are friendly and helpful. They have very good facilities for IP treatment as well. Thank you, Dr.Sreejith & team.

Anoop S

Frequently Asked Questioins

"Your Ayurveda Questions Answered: Get insights into Ayurvedic practices, treatments, and more in our informative FAQ section."

  • Your belongings ( Clothes , Towel , soap , Flask ).

  • Yes, Sure.

  • Time duration varies according to condition.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, 9207200060

  • Only food charge.

  • Laundry , internet and library.

  • Around 65K, this may vary according to the condition of the patient.

  • Everything will be included in treatment package.


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Our Address

Sri Vaidyanadhapuram Ayurveda Hospital Kuttamperoor P.O
Mannar Kerala